R&J Concepts Pty. Ltd. (R&J Concepts) was founded by husband and wife - Rocky Ho and Janice Tan in December 2013. Its brands Moment Magazine Australia and Capture Media Australia were established later in June 2014.

Rocky Ho is a business branding and marketing guru, he majors in Social Science (Marketing). Rocky not only has a deep understanding of social and shopping behaviour in the society, but also has a strong sense of colour, texture and spacing. He believes that colours represent personalities, and each business has its own personality (culture) that shows the character of the brand.

"Colours and the personality (culture) of the business should be married and become one - the character of the brand." says Rocky.

Janice Tan, a classical concert pianist graduated from Elder Conservatorium at Adelaide University with Honors Bachelor Degree in Classical Music Performing, a community leader held the title of Pride of Australia Medal 2010 Fair Go finalist for her contributions towards the community, and a young entrepreneur founded her own company R&J Concepts.

As an artist and a young entrepreneur, Janice sees the true value of merging arts and business together, she believes that for brands to work with artists, they improve and promote their image, and the self-image of the brand will be better than a mere advertisement.

Janice has great love for people. She often performs to raise funds for charity organizations and disadvantaged communities. Janice also spends lots of time training up young people in the workforce, she understands the importance of caring for young people because they are our tomorrow.

Our Corporate Values

Justice & Righteousness

  • Do what is right and as it should be
  • Treat our customers fairly
  • Deliver our promises
  • Provide the highest level of service

Integrity & Respect

  • Act with integrity
  • Show respect for all individuals for their diverse backgrounds
  • Value people's experiences, styles, approaches and ideas
  • Listen to others for understanding

Humility & Modesty

  • Value the importance and abilities of others
  • Seek first to understand, then be understood
  • Be humble to admit our mistake, be teachable and be always hunger to learn from anyone, anywhere
  • Be modest in our approach to focusing on concrete results and a down-to-earth mentality

Passion & Excellence

  • Be passionate in all we do
  • Show pride in our business and brands
  • Value and protect our reputation
  • Commit to excellence and pursue best practice in quality management

Innovation & Fun

  • Develop new solutions constantly for continuous improvement
  • Reward creativity and initiative by our employees
  • Create a positive, fun, enjoyable and friendly working environment
  • Embrace laughter, humor and fun in our workplace

Simplicity & Originality

  • Provide value and give people something real
  • Meet the changing needs with guaranteed quality
  • Be unique and fresh but keep it simple
  • Keep our vision original

Results & Success

  • Achieve results and celebrate success
  • Be able to team work together toward a common vision
  • Help all individuals to be their best by providing training and feedback
  • Value and appreciate achievements by our employees